Stop overeating through unwavering belief and consistent action

Stop overeating through unwavering belief and consistent action

I’ve just read ‘The Miracle Equation’ by Hal Elrod.

Hal’s hypothesis is that Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort = Miracles

What Hal teaches is beautifully aligned with my ‘Lose Weight. Live Life.’ program.

I see the equation like this…

Unwavering belief + consistent action = No more overeating and life transformation

Let’s break it down.

Unwavering belief…
Unwavering belief is built by repeatedly choosing to think that you are becoming the version of yourself.

The version of yourself ​​that does not overeat, loves being at the weight they are at, and no longer relies on food to feel better about life or themselves.

You do that by repeatedly making the choices that will get you there, not only when things are going well but more importantly when things feel difficult…

when you get on the scales and you’ve gained a lb for no reason…
when you have a particularly bad day at work…
when your family takes you totally for granted and you feel unloved.

And that’s exactly what I help my clients do, by working through scenarios like these with them.

I will teach you how to manage your brain and allow your feelings through challenging situations. 

​​Learning these skills and putting them into practice you start to have belief in yourself, you start to see how it’s totally possible to manage your weight and well-being in a way that you may not have envisaged before.

Consistent action…
Hal describes extraordinary effort as ‘active engagement and sustained effort’. 

To me it is all about ‘consistent action’.

Consistent action through active engagement looks like always showing up for yourself. 

This means learning to make yourself a priority. 

Many of my clients think that they can’t make themselves a priority because they don’t have time, or because their loved one’s needs are more pressing…but it’s not actually about time. 

It’s a mindset shift that makes the difference. 

Once you achieve that mindset shift you will feel liberated. Especially if, like I used to, you’ve been prioritising everyone else’s needs above your own. 

This was a significant shift for me because I got pleasure from putting other’s needs before my own. 

I genuinely got more joy from enabling my family to do things, than I did for doing things for myself.

What I didn’t know until I made myself as a priority, was that the people I was helping by putting their needs above mine, would benefit just as much as I did when I learned to take care of myself. 

I am so much nicer to be around now. 
I have more energy and I am more focused when I spend time with them.

And importantly, as far as my children are concerned, I feel as though I am setting a better example.

Sustained effort is all about doing the little things, even when you don’t want to.

Things that won’t make much of a difference in the moment…but will make a huge impact on your life in the future.

This includes things like…meal planning, making all food decisions 24 hours in advance, online shopping or shopping off a list, and deciding which restaurant to go to and choosing off the menu the day before you go.

Not doing one off things in the moment won’t make an immediate impact…but doing them consistently over a sustained period will.

You will be re-wiring your brain so that your decisions around food and eating are no longer made automatically by your primitive brain, but made by your human thinking brain, which is far better at making decisions that will benefit you in the long term.

Your primal brain is all about pleasure in the moment whereas your human, executive thinking brain is focused on long term well being.​​ 

Doing these small things consistently is everything.

No more overeating and life transformation
Hal also included this quote from Jim Rohn which I love.


‘The purpose of a goal is not to reach the goal. The purpose of a goal is to become the type of person who can achieve any goal, by always giving it everything you have, regardless of your results. It’s who you become through that process that matters more than actually reaching any one goal.'


This aligns with the process my clients go through when they lose weight with me.

My clients come to me because they want to lose weight but what they get is a life transformation because it’s not just about the number on the scales. 

Sure, they love the weight loss, but even more that they love the relationships they create with themselves, their loved ones and their life.

That transformation, along with adopting the tools I teach them, enables them to achieve many more goals, such as promotions at work, improved marriages, embarking on new life ventures.

The weight loss journey is an opportunity to discover who you truly are.


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