Episode #2 What is Weight Loss Mindset?

Today we explore what a weight loss mindset is and why you want to have one.

We consider the reason you’ve not lost your weight yet, or not managed to lose it without regaining it yet, is because you’re not thinking thoughts, and nor do you hold beliefs, that create those weight loss results.

And I teach you how to use a mindset framework called THE MODEL to help you shift your weight loss mindset so that you can create the weight loss, the relationship with food and yourself that you want.

Listen in whilst I talk through food and non food related MIND MODEL examples to show you how you could be hindering your weight loss efforts. And then learn how to create your own empowering and self-loving MIND MODELS to help you lose weight right away.

What you'll learn from this episode...

  • How to use the mindset Model to help you lose weight
  • How our thoughts create the results we have in our lives
  • The difference between circumstances and our thoughts about circumstances
  • How everything we do or don’t do in live is fuelled by how we feel

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