Episode #3 Why you eat when you don't want to

Today I am talking about why you eat when you don’t want to. And what I mean by that is, why is it that a part of you wants to eat and a part of you doesn’t?

Do you ever wonder why, when you are so desperate to lose weight and be slim, you eat foods that take you further away and not closer to that goal?

Do you ever get on the scales on a Monday morning wondering how you could have forgotten to not eat healthily on the weekend again?

I used to wonder how something so important to me could be so easily forgotten after a glass of wine, or when crisps and dip were offered, or when the artisan coffee shop had a particularly amazing selection of cakes on display.

How could I be so capable in so many areas of my life and yet so incapable of something that should be relatively easy. Simply not eating too much at meal times and not eating or saying no to food between meals.

If you can relate today's episode is for you.

What you'll learn from this episode...

  • All about over desire and your brain
  • Why you are programmed to eat
  • How the foods we eat today make us hungrier

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