Episode #1 Welcome to the Lose Weight. Live Life. podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of The Lose Weight Live Life podcast.

I am SO excited to be bringing you this show. It’s my passion in life to help women who are struggling to lose weight because I know how frustrating and miserable that can be.

This isn’t a podcast about telling you what to eat and how to fit exercise into you already busy life. This is a podcast that’s going to help you transform your relationship with food and yourself, whilst you create a life you love even more than you do already – and you’re going to lose weight for the last time along the way.

This podcast is all about taking you on a journey to help you understand why you are overweight and overeating, helping you suss out what you want your relationship with food and eating life style to look like. And then supporting you as you make that become your reality, taking down all the obstacles that life throws at you (or that you create for yourself – because oftentimes that’s what we do) along the way.

And in this first episode I tell you my weight story. How I went from approaching my 40th birthday and morbidly obese, existing in a state of embarrassment and shame, to losing six stone and keeping it off!

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