Episode #16 Emotions to help you lose weight

In today’s episode we take another look at emotion.

So many women tell me how desperate they are to lose weight and then say that the reason that they can’t do it, is because they don’t feel motivated.

Emotional awareness is an import part of the work that I do with clients because emotions are the reasons for everything that we want or don’t want to do in life, everything that we want to have or not have.

And it’s important because it will be hard to figure out your emotional eating patterns without a good understanding of what emotions are, why you feel them and how they impact what’s going on for you. And if you’re overeating it will be because food means more to you, than just being a source of fuel and nourishment for your body.

So today explore what emotions we think we need to be feeling to help us get started with a weight loss program or healthy eating regime, and we look at how you can create those emotions on purpose.

And we explore alternative emotions that you may not automatically think of as being useful to you and which could hold the answer to being successful in your weight loss efforts no matter how many times you think you’ve failed before.


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What emotion is and how it’s created
  • Why the feelings you think you need to lose weight may not be the most helpful
  • The balance of emotion you want to use to lose weight
  • How you can create emotion on purpose
  • The mindset model



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