Episode #12 When you think you can't lose weight

In this episode I talk to you about the reasons you can’t lose weight and how to overcome them. We consider how medical and physical challenges, life-style difficulties, having an out-dated diet mentality and your thoughts about yourself and your own abilities are keeping you stuck.

We then look at how we can apply Dan Sullivan’s 4 C's Formula ™. Dan identified a series of stages that successful people go through every time they achieve a new breakthrough in their lives. I explore how the 4 C’s, commitment, courage, capability and confidence can be applied to each of those four areas to help you move forward towards your weight loss goals and creating a relationship with food that you love.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The common obstacles areas that keep you stuck from losing weight
  • Dan Sullivan’s 4 C’s concept
  • Overcoming physiological weigh loss barriers
  • Overcoming lifestyle challenges
  • Overcoming outdated diet mentality
  • When it’s your thoughts about you that are keeping you stuck



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