Episode #19 Overcoming Overwhelm

In this episode I talk to you about overwhelm.

Overwhelm is something that many of us experience much of the time, but it can be especially prevalent at this time of year.

Overwhelm is an emotion, a feeling which is a one-word description of a vibration in your body. There is no upside to overwhelm, it does not help us to get things done or be more productive, in fact it’s just the opposite. Overwhelm keeps us spinning our wheels and stuck. It prevents us getting stuff done, which perpetuates more overwhelm.

And in this episode, we dive deep and explore overwhelm triggers and clarify what does and doesn’t cause overwhelm. We consider the impact overwhelm has on our life and then I take you through six strategies you can apply in your life to help you overcome overwhelm.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What overwhelm is and isn’t
  • The situations when we are more likely to feel overwhelmed
  • Why we feel overwhelmed
  • The impact of overwhelm
  • Six strategies for overcoming overwhelm



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