Episode #4 How to eat right for you

Today’s show is all about how to eat right for you.

Changing your diet to solve for being over weight is not addressing the cause of the problem. Without addressing the why of your overeating, you are not going to know how to NOT overeat as soon as you stop dieting.

The right diet for you is the diet that helps you to lose, maintain or gain weight, according to your circumstances, in such a way that it feels great in your body, provides you with the macro and micro-nutrients that you need, whilst working with your lifestyle and life choices.

Many of us tend to feel deprived and restricted when we go on a diet because we tell our selves we’re not allowed certain foods. Today I talk to you about why you want to create your own way of eating that isn't about losing weight as quickly as possible by restricting what you eat in a way that feels depriving, but is about creating a way of eating that feels like self-love.

What you'll learn from this episode...

  • How to find the right diet for you
  • All about having a food protocol/framework
  • Food decision making

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