Episode #5 When you feel conflicted

Today’s episode is about why you sometimes feel conflicted when making food choices and what to do about it.

Maybe this shows up for you at the end of the day when you promised yourself you would eat healthily but you desperately want something sweet, or a glass of wine as a treat. Maybe you tell yourself that you’ve worked really hard so you ‘deserve it’. Or maybe you notice it most when you’re out for a meal and everyone else is ordering dessert and a part of you wants dessert and a part of you wishes you could be strong and gracefully decline.

I’m going to talk about why you feel conflicted and explain why you make choices in the moment that you later regret.

Then I’m going to give you some strategies for how to hack your brain so that you can avoid feeling conflicted about your food choices, and some strategies for what to do when that feeling of confliction shows up for you.

It’s all about learning how to choose what you want most in the long term over what you want most in the moment. How to trade discomfort later for discomfort now. And how to choose long term well-being over instant pleasure and gratification.

What you'll learn from this episode...

    • About your lower and higher brains and how they influence your decisions
    • 5 strategies to help you make food choices that serve you for the long term
    • Food decision making

Featured on the show:


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