Episode #7 Eating your feelings

Everything that you do, and everything that you don’t do, in your life is determined by how you think doing or not doing those things will feel.

Each time you decide to eat something it’s because of how you think eating, whatever it is, will impact how you are feeling. You might want to eat something because you believe the taste will be pleasurable. You might want to eat something because you are feeling discomfort and eating whatever it is will take you out of the discomfort and replace it temporarily with comfort.

Likewise when you decide not to eat something it’s ultimately because you want the feeling of not eating whatever it is, more than you want the feeling you think you will have by eating it.

The truth is what ultimately determines how we feel is out thinking, so when I way what you do or don’t eat will determine how you feel, it’s more that you assume a certain set of thoughts based on what you will or won’t do and they will determine how you feel.

This is what we explore in today’s episode which we start to consider some of the underlying principles of emotional eating.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How our feelings are determined by our thinking
  • Why we want to experience positive and negative emotions
  • How we ‘check out’ of feeling through eating
  • An introduction to emotional eating

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