Episode #9 Thinking you’re not good enough

Being self-critical is a part of being human.

And when we are overweight or obese, often we link our thoughts about not being good enough to our weight and our inability to lose it, or our inability to lose it and maintain that loss.

The problem with doing this, with thinking negative thoughts about ourselves when we tend to use food to help us to feel better, is that we are making the situation worse. We are adding fuel to the fire.

When we tell our selves things that mean we’re not good enough, or think thoughts that leave us feeling inadequate, worthless, lazy, unconfident, frustrated or uncertain. We then eat to avoid feeling.

Today I give you five things you can consider and do, to help you start believing that you’re good enough.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How you can feel self-love and self-acceptance
  • What you appreciate appreciates
  • How to understand and improve your relationship with you
  • Why you are good enough
  • How to have a more positive body image



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