Spring Break #6 - Failing Your Way to Weight Loss Success

Hi everyone and welcome to our last Spring Break podcast focus. From next week we will be bringing you an array of new podcast episodes featuring original content and special guest interviews. Look out for upcoming interviews about ‘How to Feel Better’ with Ruth Kudzi and ‘Understanding Binge Eating’ with Jane Pilger.

So, for our last Spring Break focus I want to focus on the reasons why you want your weight loss journey to be a series of mini failures. Failing your way to weight loss success is the only way for you to learn the tools and strategies that will uniquely help you lose and then manage your weight for life. The alternative is trying to stick to a diet, and we all know that doesn’t help you figure out how you want to eat for your best life.

So, to find out more about failing your way to success and what you want that to look like for you, check out these three podcast episodes.

#11 Creating momentum with ending overeating

Listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • The importance of knowing your 'Why'
  • How to become your own expert
  • How to demonstrate emotional adulthood in weight loss
  • How to embrace what's difficult 

#26 - When you can’t get ‘back on track’

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • Why you think about your eating and weight loss as being either ‘on’ or ‘off’ track
  • Why you feel out of control of your ability to stay ‘on’ or ‘get back on’ track
  • The problem with on/off track thinking
  • How you can move forward and not stay stuck

#72 - Overeating Opportunities

Listen to this episode if you want to:

  • NOT use your overeating against yourself
  • Make sense of your overeating
  • Learn from your overeating to help yourself move forward with your weight loss
  • Not let your primal brain using overeating opportunities as a reason to overeat          

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