Spring Break #5 - Emotional Eating

This week’s spring break focus is Emotional Eating. And we’re exploring all things emotional eating. 

Now emotional eating isn’t bad. It’s very normal. It’s okay to get pleasure and comfort and other positive emotion from the food that we eat. We shouldn’t deny ourselves that pleasure if we’re happy with our weight and physically and emotionally healthy.
But if our emotional eating is out of balance, if it’s contributing to us being unhappy with our weight and unhealthy, then we’re going to want to do understand why we’re emotional eating and find new ways of helping ourselves to feel better without turning to food.

To find out more about emotional eating and how it shows up for you, check out these three podcast episodes.

#7 Eating your feelings 
Listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • What feelings are and where they come from (by the way everyone needs to know this)
  • How emotional eating shows up in your life – so you can decide what parts of your emotional eating aren’t serving you
  • How you personally are using food to avoid your feelings and emotions 


#40 Proactive Emotional Health 
This is a must-listen episode for everyone – no matter your weight or relationship with food. 

  • How to increase awareness of your emotions
  • The skill of feeling, allowing, and processing emotional discomfort
  • How your thinking creates your emotions not the circumstances in your lives
  • The benefit of leaning into emotional discomfort
  • How to create emotions you want on purpose


#58 Comfort Eating
Listen to this episode if you want to:

  • Discover your desire for comfort
  • Increase your awareness of when you eat for comfort
  • Know when and what you DO want to eat for comfort
  • Know when and what you DON’T want to eat for comfort
  • Find ways to comfort, and self soothe yourself without turning to food
  • Plan for those days when you don’t feel great      

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Next week I’ll share the episodes to help you ditch. 



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