More than Half of all Type 2 Diabetes is Preventable

Today is World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes has been a part of my life since I met my husband 25 years ago!

He was diagnosed with type I diabetes when he was 7.

It’s impacted his life significantly and will continue to do so as he ages. At 33 he was told that he would likely be blind within 5 years. He isn’t, because we found an excellent diabetic eye specialist.

2 years ago, aged 44 he had a stroke. Fortunately, it was mild, and he fully recovered.

I am very aware of the complications and challenges associated with diabetes.

I know the horrific impact diabetes can have on the quality of a person’s life

AND I know that more than 50% of type II diabetes is preventable.

I feel justified to have a little rant about it.

There are 3.8 million people living with diabetes in the UK.

That number is predicted rise to 5.5 million by 2030.

The dramatic increase in obesity is the primary cause of Type 2 diabetes in the UK.

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart...


Evening and Night-Time Snacking

There are multiple reasons why you could be finding it difficult to not snack in the evening. First be curious about which one (or ones ) are true for you.

#1 You have an insulin imbalance

If you are regularly eating refined sugar and refined carbohydrates such as flour, your body likely has an insulin imbalance.

In order to deal with the excess glucose (sugar and refined carbohydrates break down to glucose very quickly) in your blood, your body needs to produce more higher than natural insulin levels to move the glucose from your blood to your cells to be used as energy and to also store the excess as fat.

Whilst your body is in fat storing mode it cannot be simultaneously in fat accessing/breaking down mode. So if your body is still storing fat when your cells need more energy from glucose it cannot access your own fat reserves for that purpose and instead will send hunger signals to your brain so that you eat again and it can get the energy it needs that way. This is a vicious...


Weight loss mindset

Weight loss mindset

I can’t lose weight because_________________!
I’ve tried everything and nothing works!
I must be doing it wrong!

A few of you this week have asked me what you (specifically you) need to do to lose weight because you’ve tried everything and nothing’s working.

You’re frustrated and wishing things were different and you’re looking for the answers.

You’re looking for the one thing that’s going to make the difference for you.

And I hear you. I really do.

It’s what I did for 25 years.

And I want you to know that I don’t have the answer.

I don’t have a magic formula and nor does anyone else.

The only person that has the magic formula is you.

What I want to tell you (and you may not appreciate this) is that the answer lies within you.

It’s not our ‘there’ waiting to be found.

The diet industry has been lying to you!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that every single one of you...


How can I feel motivated to lose weight?

Did you know that any feeling is available to you at any time?

You get to use feelings as fuel to create whatever it is you want in life.

For example, many of my clients want to feel motivated to lose weight.

Most of us haven’t been taught that we can generate feelings on purpose.

We spend time wishing we felt motivated, or inspired or passionate and we wait for those feelings to appear.

We think we must wait for something to happen to create those feelings for us.

When it comes to weight, we sometimes want the pain of being overweight, whether emotional or physical, to get so bad that we are motivated to do something about it.

And whilst we are waiting, we feel worse, we get more disappointed, and the feeling of disappointment drives us to eat for comfort!

So, imagine how valuable the skill of generating feelings on purpose would be for you.

I often say that the benefits of weight coaching with me far exceed losing weight and changing your relationship with food for life.



Stop overeating through unwavering belief and consistent action

Stop overeating through unwavering belief and consistent action

I’ve just read ‘The Miracle Equation’ by Hal Elrod.

Hal’s hypothesis is that Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort = Miracles

What Hal teaches is beautifully aligned with my ‘Lose Weight. Live Life.’ program.

I see the equation like this…

Unwavering belief + consistent action = No more overeating and life transformation

Let’s break it down.

Unwavering belief…
Unwavering belief is built by repeatedly choosing to think that you are becoming the version of yourself.

The version of yourself that does not overeat, loves being at the weight they are at, and no longer relies on food to feel better about life or themselves.

You do that by repeatedly making the choices that will get you there, not only when things are going well but more importantly when things feel difficult…

when you get on the scales and you’ve gained a lb for no...


My overeating and weight loss journey

My thoughts on overeating and weight loss

I was approaching my 40th birthday and morbidly obese.

I existed in a state of embarrassment and shame.

Common thoughts at the time were…

“How much more weight do I need to gain before the weight gain stops?”
”I hope I don’t die at this weight, the ultimate humiliation would be having the pallbearers struggle to lift my coffin at my funeral”
“How did I become such a failure?”

I had a lovely home, two amazing children, a solid marriage, a successful business – no traumatic childhood.

I also used to think…

“Anyone hearing about my life will think I am a success – anyone looking at me will think I am a disaster”

I felt so capable in so many areas of my life, work, and family, and yet so incompetent at something that, I thought, should be relatively straight forward.

Losing weight and keeping it off!

My weight had fluctuated since my teens. I grew up in a family...


These are the good old days

life coaching Aug 29, 2019

My kids are almost no longer kids.

They go back to school today.

I’ve spent much of the last 8 weeks wishing they were in school, yesterday we had drinks in a café (the three of us together) and laughed and shared in a way that is all too rare.

I recognised that I hadn’t spent enough time appreciating them being home this summer. And I was reminded of these words of wisdom from Ryan Moran

When I was a kid all I wanted to be was a millionaire. Now that I am a millionaire, all I want is to be a carefree kid. There was a time in my life where I lost a lot of weight and I had abs for the first time in my life, but I felt too skinny and all I wanted was to add some muscle. Now that I’ve added some muscle, all I think about is how much I miss my abs.

Before I was a father all I wanted was kids. I wouldn’t trade my daughter for anything, but I sometimes miss the days when I was alone. When she was a baby and she was crying in the middle of the night,...


How To Process Emotional Pain

Uncategorized May 30, 2019

All of us experience pain at regular intervals in our lives. We often turn to food, alcohol, shopping, work, or something else to ignore the pain we feel. These temporary distractions only prevent the process that needs to happen to let it go.


The Steps

  1. Something happens to trigger your pain.
  2. You can hardly make sense of it, and it’s tormenting.
  3. Emotional pain ravages your body—the vibrations caused by the thoughts are excruciating.
  4. You make a choice to avoid it, resist it, react to it, or process it.
 This never works long term. The truth is that avoidance causes pain to fester.
 When you choose to avoid your pain and pretend it isn’t there, you are, in essence, lying to yourself.


The more you avoid it, the more you have to avoid it. You might eat, for example, instead of feel. Then you might get upset because you ate when you weren’t hungry. Then you might obsess about your body or your exercise routine. All of these tactics...


Your Body: Why We Can’t Rely on it

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

We (us humans) have made it almost impossible to lose weight because we can’t rely on our body to tell us when to start, when to stop, and what types of food best serve us.


It has become increasingly difficult to rely on our brilliant bodies for wisdom. The suggestion to eat only when we are hungry and stop when we are full is the most elegant suggestion, and if we could follow through with it, we would most definitely lose weight.


But so often, we struggle when trying to adhere to this.   We aren’t sure when we are hungry, we can’t identify when we are full, and even worse, our body doesn’t seem to know either. How is it that we can feel hungry all day long? How is it that we can be overweight and be hungrier than someone who has very little   fat on their body?   It doesn’t seem to make    sense.


And it doesn’t. Our body’s wisdom has been sabotaged by us. We didn’t...


Things to consider when you want to eat like a normal person

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2019

Nearly all my clients, at some point during our time working together, will refer to the fact that they just want to eat ‘like a normal person’.


 I get what they mean. They want to be able to eat cake occasionally and not be overweight, they want to be able to order dessert in a restaurant and still lose weight, and they want to enjoy a bottle of wine with their husband on a Friday night.
And the truth is they absolutely can do these things whilst they are losing weight or maintaining a stable weight, depending how they eat the rest of the week. But it’s useful to really evaluate why they want to, why they want to be ‘normal’ and what is ‘normal eating’ anyway?

What does normal mean to you?

The definition of normal is conforming to a standard that is usual, typical or expected. Being normal often means being the same as others or a part of something and we seek it because we feel connected in our alikeness....

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